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hotbird satellite

By on March 27, 2013

the first satellite of the hotbird was sent in 1995 since then there are many satellites performing for hotbird online channels and hotbird tv channels. some of them are now in junk orbit.

*** Junk orbit is the machines which are not used. thats so ther are rotated as junk in the space. there are several satellites which are falling to the earth every year..

Name[1] Launch Location Current Location Launch date Status
Hot Bird 1 Kourou Junk Orbit 28 March 1995 Inactive
Hot Bird 2 (Eurobird 9) Cape Canaveral 48°E 21 November 1996 Active
Hot Bird 3 (Eurobird 4) Kourou Junk Orbit 2 September 1997 Inactive
Hot Bird 4 (Atlantic Bird 4) Kourou 16°E 27 February 1998 Active
Hot Bird 5 (Eurobird 2) Cape Canaveral 25.5°E 9 October 1998 Active
Hot Bird 6 Cape Canaveral 13°E 21 August 2002 Active
Hot Bird 7 Kourou N/A – aborted launch 11 November 2002 Failed
Hot Bird 7A (Eurobird 9A) Kourou 9°E 12 March 2006 Active
Hot Bird 8 Baikonur 13°E 4 August 2006 Active
Hot Bird 9 Kourou 13°E 20 December 2008 Active
Hot Bird 10 (EUTELSAT 3C) Kourou 3°E February 2009 Active

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    September 11, 2013 at 6:50 am

    Hello csak magyarul beszelek

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