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Hotbird HD Channels

By on March 26, 2013

This list has been tested and approved on 26 march 2013 belongs to this And Frequency Settings for this hotbird channels is 11219 Pol Vertical SR: 27500 And Fec: 5/6

This Hotbird Channels are listed for television

HD quality may change due to the qualification of television system.
Rete Aste
Redlight 3D-HD
Hustler HD-3D
France 2 HD
Arte Français HD
Rai HD
AXN Italia HD
National Geographic Channel HD Italia
Fox Italia HD
Fox Crime Italia HD
Sky Uno +1 HD
Sky Prima Fila HD 20 (Penthouse HD 1)
Sky Prima Fila HD 1
Sky Calcio 8 HD
Sky Cinema +1 HD
Sky Cinema Max +1 HD
Sky Calcio 7 HD
Sky Prima Fila HD 3
Sky Uno HD
Sky Sport F1 HD
Race Control HD
On Board Sky HD
Sky Sport HD 1
Sky Sport HD 2
Discovery Science HD
Sky Cinema Comedy HD
Sky Cinema Classics HD
Sky Sport 24 HD
Gambero Rosso HD
History HD
Nat Geo Adventure HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
Cinema Cult HD
Nova Cinema HD
Nat Geo Wild HD UK
National Geographic Channel HD
Nova Sports 2 HD
Discovery HD Showcase
Nova 3D
Nova Sports HD
Discovery HD Showcase
Disney Channel Italia HD
Eurosport 2 HD
Sky 3D Italia
Sky Arte HD
Polsat Sport HD
Fox Life Polska HD
HBO HD Polska
Polsat HD
Polsat Sport Extra HD
AXN Polska HD
Cinemax 2 Central Europe HD
Fox HD Polska
History Europe HD
TCM France HD
Eurosport HD
Sky Cinema 1 HD
Sky Cinema Hits HD
Sky Cinema Max HD
Sky Calcio 3 HD
Sky Calcio 4 HD
Sky Prima Fila HD 9
Sky Prima Fila HD 11
Sky Calcio 3/4/5/6 HD
Sky Sport 3 HD
Sky SuperCalcio HD
Discovery Travel & Living Europe HD
Sky Cinema +24 HD
Sky Cinema Passion HD
Sky Cinema Family HD
Sky Calcio 1 HD
Sky Calcio 5 HD
Sky Calcio 6 HD
Sky Selection HD
Sky Prima Fila HD 7
test (TV 1)
Sky Calcio 2 HD
Sky Prima Fila HD 5
Sky Prima Fila HD 13
RT News HD
Super Tennis HD
KBS World HD
Premium Calcio HD
Premium Cinema HD
Premium Play HD card
ESPN America Europe HD
Extreme Sports Channel HD
Real Time Italia HD
DeA Sapere HD
Disney XD Italia HD

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  1. Evgeniy

    August 20, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Good afternoon, where can I buy official Hotbird HD smart card for a one year period?

  2. hooshmand

    December 31, 2013 at 5:05 pm


  3. kati

    May 15, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    Kbs world hd not find

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